Create a monitoring dashboard

👉🏼 Please also refer to the accompanying Github Repository.

Grafana provides a low-latency visualization of time-series data. Perfect for real-time accelerations from OpenEEW sensors!


(note: see issue for adding Grafana to OpenEEW docker) Once Grafana is installed, either through Docker or manually, you can connect the time-series database and create a new dashboard.

Add data source

You should add the two postgres tables as unique data sources for Grafana; add the devices table, and add the eew table. You can view the schema here.

Create dashboard

You can see examples of dashboards here. These can be imported directly into Grafana.

For example, the sensor location.json creates a dashboard which shows sensor positions and status: OpenEEW sensor locations dashboard

In another example, sensor traces.json you can view live streaming accelerations from your sensors: OpenEEW sensor locations dashboard

Custom Dashboard

It is planned to create a custom dashboard that allows for the following:

  • Automated user authentication through OAuth2 or similar
  • Ability to connect to your sensor device, or the global OpenEEW network of devices
  • Ability to configure your device (sample rate, device ID) and also query statistics (connectivity, signal quality)
  • Ability to see historic data from your device and run simulations with detection system
  • Ability to visualize sensor accelerations for each axis
  • Ability to see sensor on map (for example OpenStreetMap).