Deploy an earthquake detection system

👉🏼 Please also refer to the accompanying Github Repository.

There are various methods you can use to ingest sensor data and output an EEW alert. Here we provide a Docker container featuring an MQTT broker, detection scripts, and a time-series database.

If you prefer, you can also try this with Node-RED.


Install Docker Desktop

A Docker container can be installed on many systems depending on your requirements (number of sensors, latency to sensor network, and more), from a Raspberry Pi to a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud.

To install please follow these instructions.

Run OpenEEW Docker

You can get up and running with a single command:

docker run \
--interactive \
--tty \
--detach \
--env username=admin \
--env password=admin \
--publish 1883:1883 \
--name openeew-detector \

The code is available here.