Install an OpenEEW sensor

OpenEEW sensors require specific installation conditions to ensure acceptable data quality:

  1. Located on ground or basement floor.
  2. Fixed mechanically to a rigid structural element such as column, beam or near a wall corner edge.
  3. Connection to internet, depending on sensor module:
    • WiFi. Requires proximity to router and with good Signal to Noise ratio for optimum transmission of packets.
    • Ethernet. Requires proximity to router.
    • A cellular connection has been tested, but requires pre-processing on the device to limit telemetry costs.
  4. The device has a 5W wall adapter that needs to be connected to a mains socket outlet, or battery pack. Sleep mode on the MCU has not yet proven useful as transmission needs to be ready with no delay when shaking starts.
  5. (optionally) a GPS antenna needs to be fixed with adhesive to a nearby window to get clear view of satellites.

Sensor installationOpenEEW sensor installed low to ground on block wall near corner junction