Provision an OpenEEW sensor

👉🏼 Please also refer to the accompanying Github Repository.

Once you have an OpenEEW sensor is ready and fixed to a rigid building element, its time to connect it and get started!


Connect your sensor by ethernet to nearby router, or in the case of Wifi use any ESP-Touch app to pass your wifi credentials to the device. An example is the free Grillo app (iOS, Android).

You're all set.

Install custom firmware

If you wish to install your own firmware, please follow these steps:

Install PlatformIO

Follow this guide to install PlatformIO on your machine. PlaformIO offers several benefits to the Arduino IDE, particularly the ability to contain dependencies within a simple folder structure.

Open project

Inside VSCode go to PlaformIO home, which is available on the bottom toolbar, and select Projects, then Open Project. Navigate to the root folder where you cloned this repository and open.

Flash your sensor

Build the project using the check mark on the bottom toolbar, then uplaod using the arrow button adjacent to it. The IDE should automatically detect the board of your connnected sensor and start to write the new firmware.

If you are using a secure MQTT connection, you can add the certificates and other contents of the data folder to the SPIFFS memory, you need to open tasks in the PlaformIO menubar on the left, and select Upload File System image: